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Ultra Stable Kids Cups Stop Spills!

kids cups childrens baby spill proofThe Halocup is a new, innovative design in kid's drinkware that not only prevents spills but will also help your child learn to use regular cups at an earlier age. Kids of all ages will love this cup and parents will too! 

It features a wide base for stability like a travel mug and the nesting feature of tumblers for compact storage. Kids can easily grasp this cup and its durable enough to last for years. While not “spill proof”, these kid’s cups dramatically reduces the number of accidental spills and since they stack, valuable cupboard space is conserved. Sized especially for kids hands, they hold 6.5 fl. oz. and are dishwasher safe. 

Halocups are packaged in sets of 4 and priced at only $8.95!  Click here to order yours today and start saving money on paper towels and spilled milk.

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